Designer Knitwear

Designer Knitwear

Clare established her Designer Knitwear business in 1982 when it became apparent that there was a need for designer handmade knitwear. Not everyone could find mass-produced garments to fit, and others wanted something that was different and original.

Some wanted to design their own and have their ideas transformed into a wearable product. The business started off in craft fairs, progressed via a shop to a mail-order business operating on the Internet.
She uses natural fibers such as wool, cotton and caters to men, women, and children. Most garments are machine knitted, but she also does some hand knitting and crochet as time allows.

Clare Stagg Designer Knitwear

Please get in touch if you have any ideas for your own designs and Clare will endeavor to make your knitwear up for you.

Clare has developed her keen interest in bell ringing to produce a bespoke range of designer handmade knitwear for ringers. This is an example of how specialist interest groups can be catered for.
Everything is available by mail order.

Digital images can be emailed showing any of the other designs in Clare’s large range which are not shown on the website. If something is to be made to order, samples of yarns or of the pattern can be sent to match colours with other garments. Write, phone or email for details.

Designer Knitwear by Clare Stagg