Clare Knitwear online shop

Here you will find a selection of Clare’s range of handmade knitwear which you can order from her folksy online shop with secure checkout and payments.

  • Baby Legwarmers

    Legwarmers for babies 0 - 6 months. They are made from machine washable cotton which is comfortable to wear and can be made in any plain colour or stripe combination. The length is approx 8 inches or they can be made to measure. I can make legwarmers for adults too. Any colour.

  • Christmas Jumper

    Christmas Jumper made to measure in Merino blend 100% machine washable wool. This one is navy but it can be made in any colour.

  • Strupey Cardigan

    Cardigan made to measure in your own choice of colours. It can be made in cotton or merino blend wool, both machine washable . It can also be made as a jumper.

  • Sampler Fairisle Yoke Jumper

    Jumper with a Fairisle Yoke in the Sampler design. This one is in oatmeal but it can be made in any colour combination. It is made in 100% machine washable wool. Please order by age of the child.

  • Grey mohair crochet cushion with pink and white hearts. 18"

    Grey Mohair Crochet Cushion with pink and white hearts. Button fastening. 18" (45cm) Was £15 now £7.50

  • Rainbow Hoody

    Rainbow Hoody for babies and children made in 100% cotton. Machine washable. Made to measure according to the age of the child from 6 months. This one is in rainbow colours but any colour combination is possible. Please ask.

  • Pastel Stripe Cotton Jumper

    Pastel stripe cotton jumper in shades of blue and green, a lovely cool colour combination for summer. 100% machine washable cotton. See also the rainbow stripe cotton jumper. This illustrates how different colours create a very different effect. You can choose your own colour scheme for your jumper. Just contact me and I can send yarn samples for you to match up. Make a truly unique garment. I can make them for adults too.

  • Pterodactyl Jumper

    Pterodactyl jumper. Machine washable wool, made to measure. The one in the picture is in red and navy but it can be made in any colour.

  • White Heart Crochet Mohair Cushion

    White crochet cushion with a heart design in pastel colours. Mohair. Button fastening. 18 ins square (45cm) Was £15 now £7.50

  • Grey Crochet Mohair Heart Cushion

    Grey crochet mohair cushion with mukti-coloured pastel hearts. Button fastening. Was £15 now £7.50

  • Navy and Green Vertical Fairisle Jumper

    Navy and green Fairisle jumper in Shetland wool which needs to be hand washed. The Fairisle design is a traditional one and has a vertical component which is unusual and very flattering. It can only be done in 2 colours and green and navy compliment eachother very well. It is quite a Large size, the chest measuring 44 inches and the length 28.5 inches.

  • Child's jumper with a rearing horse on the front.

    This is a jumper with the picture of a rearing horse on the front. This one is in green, but it can be made in any colour of your choice with any colour of horse. It can be made in machine washable wool or cotton. As it is made to measure, please order by age of the child, from the age of 5 upwards as the size of the motif prohibits its use on small jumpers.

  • Brown and Fawn Triangle Jumper

    Brown and Fawn jumper in an eye catching Triangle design. If you look at it a different way it appears more as Diamonds or Squares. It is made in Forsell yarn which is 60% wool and 40% nylon, machine washable and hard wearing. The size is Small, the chest measurement being 38 inches and the length 26 inches.

  • Strawberry Cardigan with Strawberry Buttons

    A child's jumper with strawberries round the bottom and strawberry buttons to match. In fact this can easily be made for an adult as well. The buttons are hand painted to bring them to life. The paint is non-toxic and will not come off in the washing machine. The cardigan can be made in machine washable wool or cotton. It looks best in Navy, White or Cream. It is made to measure, so please order by the age of the child. I could also do this as a jumper if you prefer.

  • Cushion with a rabbit design. Hand embroidered carrots and bobble tail. 18".

    Blue and green cushion with a rabbit design. 100% wool. Hand embroidered carrots and a bobble tail. 18". Button fastening.

  • Cream Penguin Cushion. 100% machine washable wool. 18"

    Cream cushion with a penguin design, a big penguin in the middle with a border of little penguins at the top and bottom. 100% machine washable wool. 18". Button fastening. This can also be made to order in white.

  • Black cushion with a metallic gold chinese dragon design. Cotton. 18"

    Black cushion with a design of a metallic gold chinese dragon. Cotton. Machine washable. 18" This cushion can also be made tp order in any other colour or in machine washable wool.

  • Pale Blue Tulip Cardigan

    Pale blue cardigan buttoned to the neck with a tulip design all over it in shades of blue. It is made of machine washable wool and is a Large size. The chest measures 46 inches and the length is 28 inches This can also be made as a jumper.

  • Charcoal Grey Aztec Fairisle

    This jumper is in Charcoal Grey Shetland wool which needs to be hand washed. It has a Fairisle design based on Aztec art in shades of yellow, rust, orange and red. It depicts llamas, condors and guinea pigs. It is a Large size with the chest measuring 48 inches and the length 28.5 inches

  • Monochrome Granny Squares Blanket

    Granny Squares Blanket in monochrome shades of black, white and grey. Handmade in crochet. Measures 45 ins (114 cm) square. Ideal as a throw or for camping and picnics. A modern take on a classic design. Hand wash only.